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About the Miracle
                                          The first Miracles
                                    were launched in 1975                                since then the Miracle has
                       gone from strength to strength
             and sail numbers today exceed 4,000.

From it’s design concept, the Miracle dinghy was to be the roomier, faster brother of the successful Mirror dinghy. Whilst being bigger and faster, it still had to maintain a large degree of safety.

This was achieved by the design of the very forgiving hull shape which offers the experienced helm a lively and healthy turn of speed but in the hands of a novice will not put them in the water with a moments lapse of concentration.

The class enjoys a full race programme all organised by the association which includes area championships and a week long national family event which caters for young and old, novice and expert alike, but is also the perfect boat to take on the family holiday, to potter down river with a picnic, or for more serious cruising adventures.

The miracle has had many people who have gone on to other classes where they have achieved national, world and Olympic titles. Some have also returned with their children who are now learning what their parents already know… that the Miracle is a great boat to sail!
The optional spinnaker (with chute), flat aft section and wide beam help to provide all the thrills and spills you'd expect from a one-design thoroughbred planing racing-boat which even downwind, remains stable enough for youth or inexperienced helm to quickly learn to                          control - whilst up at the top end of the
fleet,                                 world class racing helms and crews
                                           (take a look, you'll see some famous
                                             names) continually fight close
                                                battles for prime position.
                                                    With its incredibly light weight,
                                                    ample buoyancy and stowage,
                                                   deceptive roominess, high
                                                  stability and tolerance for
                                                 differing crew weights - the
                                               Miracle is arguable the best craft
                                            for single-handed or short-handed
                                        cruising adventures either alone, with
                                  small children, or even the whole family.

The forward side deck is ingeniously cut away so that the young or apprehensive can sit 'in' rather than 'on' the boat. Whether for an hour, or whether camping or overnighting on an extended cruise, you can venture out confidently in the knowledge that should the weather deteriorate, her sail area of 95 square feet (before reefing) will remain safe and controllable even in a really hard blow...

and she will even take a small outboard engine (although it's a really good idea to remember to remove it if you go racing!).
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About the Miracle